Friday, July 9, 2010

Our (nearly) free swing

...Quickly while the baby is still napping...

Last month we hung a swing in a tree in our front yard. The swing itself was free. Last year my Step-MIL found it in a free pile in someone's driveway. She gave it to us, knowing I want to start an inhome day care(this was before we knew we were expecting!). It's been sitting in the garage ever since. Now that our son is big enough to sit in it, we hung it up!

First, I tried to clean the swing. But it was quite stained and even after some tough scrubbing, the stains persisted! Ah well. I know it is clean.

Then, we bought some hooks from the local hardware store. They were around $1 each.

My husband used the drill to drill holes into the tree branch:

While the baby watched on:

My husband got the hooks into the tree.

And tested it out to make sure it would hold.

I think it is a hit :)

And all for under $3!

He has been in it nearly every day since it was hung up. He loves it!

I'm joining Frugal Fridays.

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