Friday, September 24, 2010


I found this plate rack at Home Sense in the clearance department. Even though I don't have any plates to go in it, I picked it up at a price of $5. I figured I would keep my eyes peeled for any unique plates that would catch my eye.

Well, no unique plates caught my eye.

One evening I hung the rack up anyway, and then glanced down at a few thrift store picture frames and wondered if I could repurpose the plate rack.

I like it.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Coupon organization

My husband and I have been looking over our finances lately. Everything is in order, but we decided to implement a budget for groceries.

So I've started meal planning! Flyer shopping! And coupon clipping!

I've never been good with coupons. I always tuck them into a cupboard and only remember them when they have expired. Obviously I need a better system.

Being has a neat little tutorial on coupon organization systems found at the following link:

While I like the idea of using a binder, it just seems like A LOT of work. And so far I don't have a lot of coupons clipped to fill a whole binder.

So I am going to keep looking. I am thinking of making something... not sure yet! But when I figure it out I will post it for sure.

I have been doing lots of little projects here and there. I'll take some pictures soon.