Saturday, July 17, 2010

Baby food: Green beans

We're almost 2 weeks into solid foods with our baby. I have gone ahead and made my own babyfood. It is very simple. The other day I made green beans.

First step: I went to the farmer's market and bought some organic, pesticide and chemical free green beans.

I got home and washed them:

Then I cut off the stems:

And put the green beans in the steamer:

After they were very well done I put them in the blender:

Then made the sure the baby was napping (he's scared of the blender):

I added the right amount of water (leftover from the steaming) to get the consistency right. I pureed them, then poured them into icecube trays:

Froze them overnight:

Popped them out of the icecube tray and into a marked freezer bag:

And done!

So far my son has had avocado, sweet potato, peas, plums, and oatmeal cereal in that order. Next up will be the green beans!

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  1. I found it a lot easier to buy those ziplock containers. I think the smallest ones are 1/2 cup and they are freezable, machine washable and microwavable so you do not need to take the extra step of moving things into bags, unless your kiddo does not eat that much yet. I have twins so that was not the issue. They are also great for take alongs and once you move to a larger size they make great musical insturments just fill them with beans or toys in different sizes.