Sunday, June 20, 2010

Spare bedroom

We love our little home. It really is the perfect size for the three of us. It has a cute little kitchen, 1.5 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, a finished basement, and beautiful hardwood floors. Unfortunately, it needs some major updating!
When we bought the house, we were not yet pregnant. We had lots of grand plans -- and then we got the BFP! We were happy, of course, but it also meant that our big reno plans had to be put on hold.
I've lived for nearly a year in this house without really making my mark. I've resisted the dated panelling in the basement, and fought the burnt orange carpet in the bedrooms. But I am tired of doing that. It may be a while before we replace all the carpets, so I've decided to start decorating anyway.

I am going to start with the spare bedroom. Right now, it is sort of a catch all of different things. I can't believe I am actually going to post pictures of it... it really is a disaster area! Normally it is not quite this bad, but we were organizing for a yard sale (which was canceled) and everything we collected from the house landed in here. Hopefully this will make for a great Before and After!

Several things: 1) Yes, that is a cradle my son no longer sleeps in. 2) And yes, there is a laundry basket filled with towels and dish cloths sitting in it waiting to go in the washing machine 3) and needless to say, those curtains came with the house.

I really, REALLY can't wait to redo this room. Hopefully this week while we have some extra hands around to help with the baby!

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