Thursday, August 12, 2010

First birthday ideas

I'm so excited for my son's first birthday. It is February 21st, and next year that falls on Family Day here in Ontario. This means that everyone will have the day off, so our family members should be able to make it! :)

I've been brainstorming some great ideas.

It's a winter birthday so we'll have to stay indoors for this one!


I've given this a lot of thought. I'm not much of a 'theme' person. But right now, I'm leaning towards the idea of having a 'balloon theme' simply for cohesion.


I have no idea what type of invitation to do. But I do know that I want to incorporate real balloons for our intown guests.
I love
these invitations as featured on Oh Happy Day. I would probably use regular hellium balloons and put them into gift bags and hand deliver them to the guests. It is really cute, plus the kids will really like the surprise when they open the bags.


I was watching Fresh With Anna Oleson on the Food Network, and she made a delicious White Chocolate Berry Cake for a wedding. (Recipe here) It sounded so delicious, and looked sooo yummy that I think I will use this recipe for my son's cake!

I try to be creative, but I usually fail miserably when it comes to baked goods. I think I'll work with fondant for his first birthday cake though, and decorate it with balloons. I love this cake:

These cupcakes are adorable too:


Obviously balloons if I follow through with that theme. We do not have popcorn ceilings, so we can get a bunch of hellium balloons and let them float around the party area.
I'm also really liking bunting.

It seems really simple. I would not use fabric to create my bunting, just scrapbook paper.


My FAVOURITE part! Yum. Here are a few ideas I have so far.

Fruit skewers


Bacon wrapped water chestnuts:

Brie and cranberry in phyllo pastry:

All images via Google image

Now I just have to wait.


  1. Sounds like you have everything covered Shannon. What a lucky boy. I love those bacon wrapped chestnuts, perfect for parties.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! You could also make cakeballs that look like balloons ( You really plan early!! :) It's fun to get ideas.